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And maybe terrified.
Ill take your gag out, Dick his i molested suck. baby, if you promise not to say anything.
Deal? Jason nodded.
I took out the gag, and he immediately yelled, What the fuck.
His quick reward was a hard slap to the face.
I told you, no talking.

Its your turn to listen.
I took a drag from the cigar and blew the smoke in his face.
Jason coughed and started to speak again, and he was immediately rewarded with another hard slap.

Jason, please tell me what SF BD means.
He reddened and said, I dont know what youre talking about.
I grabbed his throbbing dick and told him that if he lied to me Shemale double fucking. again, I just might break it off.
I guess you found my files.
Youre fucking right I found them, you asshole.

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And I looked at every single one over the last couple of weeks.
I blew another puff of cigar smoke in his face.
Who would have known that you think ladies smoking cigars are sexy? Isnt that something you should have shared with your wife?

I didnt think youd understand, Jason replied.
I smacked him in the face again.
And who would have thought that you fantasize about being dominated and being enslaved by a woman? Certainly not your wife! You little cocksucker.

Our marriage was based, in my mind, on honesty and openness, and you kept from me a central part of who you are.
I took a puff and blew more smoke in his face.
Im sorry, Alexis.
You have no idea how sorry youre going to be, you pathetic pussy.
Alexis, please

I slapped him again.
Listen, Jason, and listen closely.
I am about to make all of your fantasies come true tonight.
Tonight and for the rest of our married life.
You are to address me as Mistress and speak only when spoken to.

You will do as I say.
And you will do so, one way or another.

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Adult sex guide pleasant hill.