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I let her taste her first pussy on my lips.
She kissed me hard, tasting Lauren’s juices on my face.
I then leaned down and started to again suck Girl cries when doing anal. my wife’s snatch.
Nicole had now lowered her head so that she was inches from me as I licked Lauren’s pussy.
I turned and kissed her again.

Then, I pulled away and gently pushed her head lower, until she was inches from Lauren’s cunt.
She then lowered her head the last few inches and started to suck and lick at my wife’s juicy lips.
Lauren moaned loudly as Nicole dove in with enthusiasm.

I again lay back and stroked myself as they ate each other.
Within minutes, Nicole was bucking in another orgasm, this time on my wife’s face.
She cried out, lifting herself up and shook violently as her climax spread through her body.
She rolled off Lauren and lay next to her.

Nicole looked over at me, stroking my cock and asked me if I would fuck her now.
She said she wanted to feel my big dick inside her next. Sex slut in pachuca.
Well, big or not, I was not going to turn this down.
I spread her legs and began to rub my cock up and down her moist lips.

As the head of my cock got wet with her juices, I would rub it up and over her clit.
Nicole started to thrust forward, trying to take me into her.
Not wanting to make her wait any longer, I thrust myself into her hot, wet hole.
It took several strokes before I was fully inside her.

Once in, I began to fuck her with deep Validating a new survey. strokes, pulling almost all the way out before pounding back into her.
She begged me to fuck her harder.
I started to thrust more quickly, each time pushing as deeply as I could against her.
While I was fucking her, Lauren lay down beside her.

Lauren reached over and started to massage Nicole’s clit with one hand while playing with her own pussy with the other.
I continued to fuck Nicole as my wife diddled her clit.
Nicole last just a few more minutes before she came again.
This little girl was really starting to let loose!!

After Nicole’s climax ended, I lifted her up and flipped her over.
I mounted her from behind and started to fuck her.
I held her tight little ass in my hands as my dick slide in and out of her pussy.
Watching my dick as it went in and out of that young pussy was too much for me.

I pulled her tight to me as I came deep inside her.

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Adult sex games for date night.