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I put my arms underneath her, and held her a little closer to me.
I kept my thrusts consistent, and made love to her.
Come on, James, fuck me a little harder, this maybe the only time this happens, she said.

Well, I obviously couldn’t stay there forever, so it would be fine, if it was a one time thing.
She kissed me several more times, and put her hands on my head.
It seemed more than a fuck session, it was something more.

I wanted to pleasure her all I could, and make her remember me.
Fuck, James, shove that cock in there deep.

I want to feel every single inch of it, she moaned.
I gave her what she wanted, and began thrusting my cock harder.
My heart was beating, and I felt like I was going to pass out.

My emotions were all over the place, and Pov clit rubbing. she just wanted more.
I couldn’t help but give her what she wanted and then a little more after that.
I leaned down and took a look at her boobs too.
They were real, and spectacular too.
I couldn’t hit myself enough for not asking her out back then.

I leaned down, and began licking her nipples. Vvp77 online webcam chating.
She had small nipples, but they were still very sexy.
I began sucking on her nipples too, just how I masturbated thinking about doing that many times before.

I made her moan, and hearing that made me want to cum right inside her.
I did my best to hold off, but it couldn’t have been more difficult for me. Nicolebulek free adult online chat.
I was breathing really heavily, and she could tell what was coming.

Shoot it inside me, I want it in there, right now, she demanded.
I couldn’t do that, what if I got her pregnant in the past, that would really screw things up in the future.
I made sure to pull out, and shoot it right onto her stomach.

It was so great, and I only had to wait sixteen years to feel that feeling.
She felt some of the cum, that was on her stomach.
Then she leaned over to my cock, and took it right into her mouth.

I still had cum oozing out of my cock, but she still took it right in her mouth.
She sucked on it, and made me throw out some more moans.
In those years, I could have had countless blow jobs, so then I wanted beat my head against a wall, for not asking her out.

She looked up at me, and I looked back at her.
She loved pleasuring me it seemed, and she was out for more of my cum.
I put my hands onto her head, and made her go down a little further on my cock.

Oh, Caitlin, you are one dirty student, I moaned.
She knew that, and knew it well.
I never got that vibe from her back then, but after that, I already felt like cumming again.

I did my best not to, but it was no use.

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