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Malin let out a little giggle.
That was a fun evening.
Bill sighed and lit another cigarette.

Must have been, because you tried to do the same tonight.
Only two things went wrong tonight, unlike last night.
That I guess was a resounding success in your book.
Tonight you were pissed drunk, and before you managed to do anything kinky with Mr.

Pole the Second he fell down and hit you straight on your empty head and you died.

Bill waited a bit, letting the words hang in the air and sink in.
Wait, what? You dead.


Bill smoked on his cigarette for a bit, waiting to see if she had any more dumb reactions.
So now I’m here to take you to Hell, or Heaven.
Who knows.

Who the fuck really cares? I certainly don’t.
What? You’re taking me to Hell? Bill walked over to her and stood at her feet.
Malin could see he was shaking his bony head before he found her file again.

Fuck if I know where you’re ending up.
I’m taking you to the processing center.
You’ll probably spend a couple centuries there waiting for your caseworker to go through your file and make a decision.

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He swung his scythe down to her so she could feel the blade against her back.
There was a slight burning sting to it.
Now get up off your ass and let’s go.

You don’t want to force me to use this.
Malin still felt she had some drunken courage left in her body despite the fact that she was now dead.

I’m dead! What you gonna do to me? Kill me again? Nope.
Bill pulled a bit on the scythe.

Malin let out a scream when she felt the paradox of a burning sensation from the freezing cold scythe.
There was no cutting or piercing, just a gentle touch, but that alone was to send waves of excruciating pain through her body.
Finally, Bill let go of her and had another puff on his cigarette.

I can cause you massive mind-blowing pain like you never could imagine.
Now quit being a bitch and get up.
Malin struggled to keep herself Porn man mature and teenage. in the half-seated position she was in.

She felt exhausted and wanted to collapse on the ground, but the sheer fear of another round of the pain made her get up albeit slowly.
How can I feel pain if I’m dead? Bill made a large circle with his scythe and opened the portal to the Forgotten Realm.
Don’t know, don’t fucking care.

Big Boss made it so.
Take it up with your caseworker, maybe he can give a flying fuck.
Now get your ass through the portal.
I’m delayed enough as it is.
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But where are we going?

Bill shook his head in disbelief.
To the fucking processing center.
No bus going there, so you gonna have to walk.

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Absolute dating assessment.