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She whispered to me Daddy, wash me all over…please, don’t miss a spot and pulled back a couple of inches to turn around for me.
I was impressed at how she was willing to take our time and really enjoy the erotica of the moment; her back all sudsy leaned against me as my hands swirled soapy film over her abdomen and then cradled her ample breasts for the first time.

My body quaked with the wonders as she swayed forth and back over my chest and hips, her lower back pressed against the heated rod with sultry tease.
I moved my hands and washed her smooth shaven mound, slick as a baby’s butt as the saying goes, I knew she had taken the time to prepare for our love making and it made me proud to call her both daughter and lover.

My arms wrapped around her waist and I lifted her from her feet and turned us around in the shower to where she was now facing the soft gentle spray.
My hands scooped water from the fountain and rinsed her French toilet. pussy clean of the soapy film.

Once it was my fingers curled inside the outer petals and felt her heated wetness as she groaned with her first signs of impending climax. Yoselinnetits chaturbate live cam.

I whispered to her let it go baby, just feel it all and cum for me sweetie… as my index finger pushed inside her channel for the first time.

She gasped and a surge of fluids coated my finger giving slickness to her heavenly tight hole.
Her head fell against my chest as I fingered her; the water sprayed over her tummy and mound along with my hand as I brought her to orgasm and heard her cry out Oh God Daddy as her pussy flooded with sweet nectar.

She was more than ready right then to have me fuck her, but I wanted to wait as my cock throbbed against the slick coating of soap on her back.
I wanted her beneath me in bed when I slid my hard shaft inside her tight wet canal.

I worked at her pussy until the orgasm ebbed and whispered to her We’ve got all night baby.
How about you wash me too before we go to bed and make love? Her body shook one last time as I released her from my invasive finger and hands.

She turned around and I rinsed her back as she swirled her hands over my chest and shoulders.
She took the bar of soap from the holder and lathered up her hands and looked down at the stiff cock with both anticipation and fear.

It had grown as full as I had ever seen it and was more than enough to fill her over full.
Her hands grasped it and ran the slick soap along the length teasingly as her body quivered with a mini orgasm just thinking about what she was about to do.
She stroked it slow and washed it from base to head, the head barely fit in one of her hands and she giggled at the soft velvet flesh Free sexy chating without registration. and said I figured it would be hard and rough…it’s so smooth and soft to touch, and so hard at the same time.

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8 simple rules for dating my teenage daughter tv show.