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A few months on and the annual visit to the museum was upon them and after getting lost in one dark corner, away from bored and strict eyes of their fellow peers and teachers, Mia and Natalie shared a precious yet unexpected kiss which, over the following year, behind closed doors, became more of an exploration of the same sex hidden by thin layers of clothing.
But sex was a hushed topic and only the select few who found their parents hidden tapes and toys were daring enough Spagnolita sex webcam chatroulette. to go the whole way!

Mia often wondered how things would have progressed had they been a little older and less afraid of getting caught naked together.
She wondered how Matt would take the news, if he knew, of her hidden past.
With her mind deep in thought she fell into a dreamy sleep

At first the text had surprised her; a random stranger getting her number was unusual for Mia but once she uncovered the sender she agreed to meet Natalie at the local cafe for a gossip. Teenadultdating com.
In truth she was nervous.

Dark corners were a perfect place for playing about in but out in the open over a steamy cup of coffee she was worried the passion she had felt would come flooding back to her! She recognised her almost at once.

Mia stood Brokeback mountain sex scenes. mesmerised by the perfect silhouette of Natalie.

Her breast were larger, her waist smaller but her long brunette curls still fell loosely over her back and as Mia came before her she felt a fluttering in her stomach as she noticed Natalies perfect features, her rose lips pouting naturally, her breasts curving smoothly to just underneath her chin! Mias lips tingled with the memory.

Natalie cried out in joy at the sight of her old friend and hugged her tightly, pushing her and Mias breast together, planting a rose on each of Mias blushing cheeks.
Mia you look amazing babes, you must do a lot to keep that figure! How have you been?

Shocked at the welcome from a once shy Natalie it took a while for Mia to compose herself.
Im great and thanks, Id say the same about you! Whats new in your life then?

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