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I appreciate his ability to bend, and agree that Webchatcamsex. seems like a good way to go.
Heading out to the backyard, he checks out my garden and water feature while I grill up the fish.
We eat in the backyard as the evening sky dims and the air cools.

Lighting a fire in my clay chiminea, we roast marshmallows and make dark chocolate smores.
Its a messy process that leaves our hands sticky with chocolate and marshmallow which we eagerly suck from each others fingers.

The conversation has been light and easy, which is a relief after the start to our evening.
Dishes are forgotten as he guides me back in to the house and straight up to the bedroom.

Patrick closes the door, and in an instant hes on his knees in front of me, slowly and deliberately pushing the hem of my dress over my hips until my pussy is inches from his face. Nyc criagslist mature.
Leaning forward, he rests his forehead on my lower abdomen and deeply inhales my scent.

He stays there for a few minutes, his hands on my hips, quietly breathing without a word.
Despite his silence, I can feel a change come over him; a shift in the energy of the room.
A change goes through me too.

I feel myself letting go; letting go of my jealousy, my insecurity, and mostly my fear.
I know he is going to challenge me tonight.
My lies and distrust shook him, and more than ever he needs me to open myself to him; to give him every part of myself; mind, body, and soul.

So lost in my thoughts, I jump a little when he finally speaks.
Corrine, tonight there will be no toys, no restraints; just my body and yours.
He stands and looks down in Name girls sex live cam on skype. to my eyes; his eyes blazing with heat.

There will be my requests, and your submission to them.
He slowly and gently backs me in to the wall, looking down at me with barely contained hunger.

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