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What the hell is going on here! I lifted my head to find Kenny standing in the doorway.
I bolted upright on the edge of the bed.
Natalie slowly lifted her head off the bed and looked over at her red faced husband.
She started to giggle.

What is going on here is, for the first time in over ten years, I have just been fucked by a real man, she glared at him and giggled again.
Kenny looked as if he had just been slapped and was about to cry.
Slut! I could hear you moaning like a whore all the way downstairs, he snapped.

That’s something you’ve certainly never heard before, Natalie retorted with an amused smile on her face.

Bitch! Kenny screamed, sprinting toward her and raising his arm to strike her.

I simply reacted.
Before I knew what was happening, my fist had slammed into the side of his face and Kenny dropped to the floor like he had been shot.
Natalie was suddenly beside me, clutching my arm and staring down at his lifeless body on the floor.

I think you killed him, she said softly.
He was going to hurt you, I explained, beginning to wonder if I had actually killed him. Hot blonde mmf.
Natalie slid off the bed and knelt beside her husband.

Kenny? Kenny, can you hear me? She said, gently tapping his cheek.
A moment later, Kenny’s eyes fluttered open and he gasped for air.
Natalie helped him sit up slowly.

You okay Kenny? she asked, looking into his eyes.
Kenny rubbed the side of his head.
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He stopped when he saw me standing naked beside the bed and began to recall what had happened.
Get away! he shouted.

He pushed Natalie over backwards, but I caught her shoulders and helped her to her feet before she fell to the floor.
Don’t push her again, Kenny, I glared down at him.
You hit me!

I’m calling the cops.
He tried to stand, but he began to fall and sunk back down to his knees, holding his head.
That’s assault, you’re going to jail, he said, crawling toward the phone on the bedside table.

Kenny, you’re not calling the cops.
Rick was just protecting me from you, Natalie said sternly.
He came into my house and fucked my wife.
Then attacked me.
I’m going to have him charged with breaking and entering, rape, and assault, Kenny shouted, picking up the phone.

Kenny, put down the phone! You try telling the cops a story like that, they’ll laugh in your face.
Just put down the phone and stop this, Natalie repeated.
I have friends on the force! They’ll go along with whatever I tell them, Kenny threatened.

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Kenny, if you don’t put down the phone right now, Freya mavor and samuel jackson dating. I will tell everyone what happened on your little trip to Mexico with the boys last year.

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2016 99 online dating guide only sold to 20 people.