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She was bringing out something in me I was not aware of.
Fuck me! Fuck me! I need your cock now!

I flipped her roughly onto her back.
She spread her legs and I pounced on her, both of us fucking through our jeans.

I leaned forward and we kissed wildly, our tongues duelling while our bodies slammed against each other desperate to fuck each other, the barrier of our clothes driving us crazier with lust.
I got up on my knees between her legs and unbuttoned my jeans while she did the same.

We moved frantically to get our clothes off.
I pulled my t-shirt over my head and lowered my jeans, pushing them off while she lifted her ass, pushing her jeans over her hips.

I moved forward, grabbed her tight jeans and peeled them off, taking her soaked panties at the same time.

I saw her eyes looking at my hard cock sticking straight out as I hovered over her. Sexy threesome naked men.
I took my cock and moved the head up and down her dripping pussy lips while she writhed under me.
When my cock grazed her clit she jolted.
Dont tease me! Osp shaved ice machine. Dont tease me! Fuck me!

Take me! I reared back and rammed my cock into her tight pussy as hard as I could.
I went all the way with one thrust then pulled out and thrust again and again, faster and harder while she lifted her ass and I drove her back to the bed, my cock filling her with each hard thrust.
Harder! Harder!

Her screams filled the room and urged me to thrust as hard as I could.
We were both sweating and the bed banged against the wall.
My swelling cock told me I was getting close and I felt her tensing, trembling.

Her tight pussy squeezed my cock.
Oh, my God.
Im cumming.
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Fuck me! Her screaming driving me out of my mind.
When she erupted in wild convulsions, her pussy spasms gripped my cock.

Her loud screams urged me to thrust faster and harder.
My whole body tensed and trembled.
My orgasm crested and rose like a huge wave ready to sweep me away.
Her tight pussy squeezed my swollen cock.

I kept thrusting harder and harder, faster and faster, my need to release suddenly hit like a volcano and I erupted in a wild, huge orgasm that ripped through my body.

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18 years old swallow.