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questioned Adams.
What? She sobbed.
The gardener and I can see your cunt.

It was a hot July and I was working at my fathers restaurant.
Since it was seasonal, the staff only worked there from May until September.
I started working there when I was ten years old, but now that I was eighteen, I was promoted to a more responsible position.

The restaurant had a cellar where we stored all the foodstuffs, a main floor that could accommodate 180 people, and an upstairs that could hold Any real sex addics here. 80 people.
I was in charge of the cellar.

My father employed waitresses and chefs from London and part of the deal was they had rooms within the restaurant.
In fact, there were about eight different bedrooms and I shared one with a friend. Lots of pubic hair upskirt naked gallery 2018.
One of the regular employees was a married lady named Margaret.

I had always liked Margaret and she always called me her favourite boy.
She was about five feet four inches tall with lovely blonde hair, big rounded tits, and a trim waist that was exaggerated by her wide belt, which she always wore tight with an above-the-knee blue serge skirt.

Her tits looked lovely and full inside Milf friends outside. her crisp white blouse.
She had lovely big blue eyes set in a round face.
Her nose had a slight turn up at the end and I always joked about that in a very friendly manner.

She had watched me grow up, but had never allowed this to stop her from putting her arms around me and being very friendly.
Little did she know that over the years I had a crush on her and had on many occasions masturbated myself over fantasies about her.

But this season I noticed that when I saw her there was a different feeling inside me and I couldnt work near her without getting a hard on.
At first she pretended not to notice, but one day when we were having a lunch break together she started asking me personal questions.

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